Hashing 24 Review

The Hashing24 team has been in the cloud mining business since 2012 and they’ve recently created a new partnership with one of the the industry’s leaders – BitFury – to deliver even more powerful mining tools to their users.

Hashing24 has a reputation for reliable service and state of the art speed, capacity and performance. They work tirelessly to achieve optimum efficiency to deliver the best possible margins in Bitcoin transaction processing. The modern ASIC chips from BitFury deliver the maximum performance and efficiency possible.

Hashing24 was made by professionals for individuals who want to get involved in bitcoin mining at any level.  They believe that everyone should be able to benefit from Altcoin mining and have access the latest technologies and high-performance large scale industrial data centers.

This is another great operator that I’ll continue to work with for the foreseeable future. Great service, high performance packages, competitive rates and prompt payouts… make this a great option for anyone looking to try their hand at bitcoin mining…

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Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining is one of the largest Bitcoin and scrypt cloud mining providers and has been my preferred option for some time. They offer three Bitcoin cloud mining plans that are very reasonably priced plus a number of other crypto currencies so you can build a diversified portfolio over time.

Their Bitcoin mining system is ideal for those who are still new to mining crypto currencies, and it’s also quite robust for cryptocurrency experts and larger-scale investors. Genesis Mining is the world’s first large scale cloud mining service offering an alternative to those who would like to engage in Bitcoin and altcoin mining.

There are no pool fees, now power or bandwidth fees. You don’t have to pay or wait around for shipping of mining hardware. Yuo don’t need ot learn to use any software.

You simply purchase hashpower… that you keep for a lifetime… and let it go to work for you!

What I particularly like about Genesis is the option you have to create a diversified portfolio of crypo currencies, by adding different altcoin mining contracts to your account.

So as one currency starts to show a reasonable profit, you can reinvest that in a new contract for a different altcoin. This creates additional stability and also positions you for some serious gains if that particular currency starts to move like Bitcoin has over the last couple of years!

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HashFlare Bitcoin Mining

HashFlare was founded by Sergei Potapenko on 2013 and is based in Talin, Estonia. It offers a number of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining packages, suing a number of different mining systems. They maintain their own datacenters to support their various mining options.

Of all the miners I’ve tried, this one is the most effective. It isn’t the cheapest I’ve seen by any means, but they are up front about their costs, and in this business I’m happy to pay a little more for consistent returns.

For Bitcoin miners, the big decision will be to decide  whether to choose their SHA-256 or Scrypt package. You’ll find plenty of strong opinions on this one if you want to go looking, but personally I expect the Scrypt option to improve in performance while the SHA-256 miners are going to find it harder and harder as time goes on.

They also offer mining packages for Ethereum, ZCash and Dash. I haven’t tried those jsut yet, but I’ll be looking to reinvest some profits there shortly.

Hashflare has had it’s share of bad reviews in the past, but a lot of them can be easily explained…

The members involved used a Bitcoin wallet that deducts feeds from the transferred amount, so Hashflare didn’t receive the full amount required…

So the Members account wasn’t activated, mining didn’t start and they thought they’d fallen victim to a scam…

And if the company didn’t respond instantly it seems lot of those people would go write a bad review while they waited!

Lesson to take away from this…

Make sure your wallet ALWAYS adds fees on top of the amount you designate so that the people you’re paying ALWAYS get the full intended amount.

Most will give you a warning about this, so the other tip is to look for and read any alerts or warnings.

Beyond that, all the recent reviews I found were quite positive, or far too vague to be of much use. For me the system is easy to use, the performance is quite efficient and reliable, support is timely and withdraws are processed quickly… which is all I ask for!

As with any mining operation, you do need to monitor results and know your overheads and returns, so you can make an informed decision when it’s no longer profitable. I personally feel that point is still away off but you need to monitor that for yourself.

Again, this is why some of the newer currencies are worth looking at. As Bitcoin becomes harder and harder to mine profitably, the newer currencies could offer up much better opportunities if you shop around.

For now though, if you’re looking to test the mining waters for yourself, HashFlare is a great place to start. Check it out below…

HashFlare Crypto Mining Packages


The Bitcoin Miner App

This is a free app from the Google Play store that actually works, in that it does generate bitcoin for you… all totally hands-free… though it does it so slowly it isn’t going to be worth the effort for most people.

It is a bit of fun to see it creating money… more or less out of thin air… but it’s certainly not intended for a serious capital raising venture.

That said, if you are new to all this and seriously don’t have any cash to put towards this right now, this is another free option to start building up a small starting bank. On it’s own it will take months or even years to earn anything useful, but run it in conjunction with a few other free options we cover, and you could raise a working stake in a couple of weeks.

Just keep in mind, it requires your computer be running, pretty much around the clock. It doesn’t draw much power, but if you don’t normally have your machine running, it could increase your next power bill!

My Test Run…

I spotted this and decided to give it a try a little while back. I ran it for a 24 hour period on my PC… where it was interrupted (and paused) every time I opened any windows over the top. Even if I avoided covering the app, checking email or using the internet slowed it considerably as well and a few rimes it stopped for no apparent reason.

That first run yielded just over 1000 Satoshis, which sounds pretty cool til you realise that’s 0.000025 BTC … a little over US$0.02!

I almost left it there in disgust, but I had to get to 5000 Satoshi to cash it out, so I decided to experiment a bit along the way and see if it might be a useful option for someone with no free cash to earn some coin.

So next run I tried it on my Laptop, a much newer machine so considerably faster, and one that could be left running uninterrupted. I also ran it on my desktop overnight and when I was out of the office.

The Laptop worked about twice the pace, so with the desktop running for much of the time as well I was able to rack up 2800 Satoshis for the next 24 hour run.

Better but still only generating a few cents per day… which wouldn’t even cover the cost of the electricity used.

I usually have my computers running around the clock anyway… forex trading on the desktop, and Spotify (music) playing the laptop… so I wasn’t too worried about power use. If you don’t usually run your computer 24/7 though, you will need to weigh up the cost of power before you try this.

So is it worth the effort?

Well the thing is, it is no effort… a few minutes to install the app, a few seconds to fire it up anytime you’re not going to be using a computer… so it’s more about the power and the time.

Are you prepared to invest the electricity and wait for it to amount to something?

Realistically, to get started with any of our recommended programs you are looking at a minimum of $30 or so. Most Bitcoin sellers have a minimum amount of US$50-60 though, so allowing for price fluctuations, you really want to get at least $60 aside to buy your first bitcoin.

If you combine a number of different free options… for example this software, bitcoin faucets, pay to click, paid surveys, paid offers etc, you could conceivably get it up to $10 per day… albeit a very long day…

So theoretically you could raise your $60 in a couple of weekends.

But most people will probably save that amount faster than they’ll earn it with any free methods.

So the only exception I can see is if you aren’t working right now and have the time to sit at the computer…

Or you have a computer running anyway or a power source you don’t have to pay for…

Or you just want to have some fun and show your friends your bitcoin mining software… busy creating money out of thin air!

So have a look and have some fun, but if you’re serious about accruing Altcoins, check out some of the other options you’ll find on this site before you waste too much time on the free distractions.

What About Other Mining Options?

Solo mining is a specialised field these days, and even the pros with the best equipment struggle to make a decent margin. As much as the technology improves, the rate of return decreases. So most of the successful miners are working in pools or co-ops, sharing the work, reducing their costs and splitting the returns.

There are plenty of scammers out there though, so do tread carefully if you go looking for a mining program to join.

Generally steer clear of any that don’t want much up front… anyone with a good product that gets results will expect you to pay a decent amount to join them.

Be especially careful avoid the recent trend of ‘free’ mining sites…

These let you set how much you want to make from mining, they then mine for it with a whole lot of tech specs scrolling down the screen, achieve it ridiculously fast… then ask you to send them their fee first so they pay you.

$70 to make $1500 in about 10 minutes… is anyone’s too good to be true alarm going off?

Reading through the scam alert forums I am constantly amazed at how many people are so surprised and angry that the people on the other end didn’t send them their ‘profits’ after they made the ‘admin fee’ payment.

It sounds like a pretty easy scam to spot, but these sites must look quite legit to a lot of people, judging by the complaints they get… so be warned and don’t get caught up in the moment thinking you’ve found the exception to the rule.






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