Coin Crowd & UCI Review & Explanation

This one is quite new and a little complicated, and I’ve had a few questions, so I thought I’d try to explain it all in big picture terms…

CoinCrowd is a social & business network platform for people involved in crypto currency and totally free to join and use.

It offers the same features, functions and tools that most other social network platforms offer. It is open to anyone… from total beginners to experienced veterans involved in the crypto currency world. It has a lot of value as an information/education platform, plus there’s the business networking and built-in advertising benefits, plus a whole lot of stuff I haven’t had a chance to really explore yet.

Plus you can earn CREDITS for pretty much any activity on the site. Think of it as earning a credit every time you like, share, reply, post, comment etc.. probably not for everyone, but if you’re active on the site you will accrue credits quite quickly.

You can also earn them VERY quickly by referring new members… 100 credits per referral!

And those Credits can be converted to Shares in the Parent Company, United Captial Investments (UCI)

CoinCrowd is owned by UCI, a private equity investment company specialising in crypto and related technologies. Basically they invest shareholders funds into various projects… particularly ICOs… and if the project makes a profit, this is returned to shareholders as dividends.


So the relationship here is quite symbiotic…

CoinCrowd will be used to help promote selected projects that UCI has partnered with… generating profits for their shareholders…

And all CoinCrowd Members are shareholders!

When you sign up for CoinCrowd you are eligible for 1000 UCI Shares. Plus you can convert your Coin Crowd Credits into shares as well. So if you do that, and are active on the CoinCrowd site, you should be able to accrue a decent volume of shares in the next few months!

(You can also buy shares directly… you’ll find details on that after your Shareholder account is created for your free shares from joining CoinCrowd).

Confused yet?

It does get easier, but there are a few steps to work through to get on board, so here it is as simple as I can make it…

Step 1. Register at CoinCrowd

Once in, have a look around if you like, but make sure you got to the Credits Section and make a note of your referral link… you can start sharing that on your social networks immediately… but it will work best if you do it in context and talk about the site and what you’re doing with it. ie. Don’t tell them to join, Invite them to join you…

Step 2. Request Your Free Shares

Go to the UCI.Global Website here and you’ll see the exact information you need to send them to have your shareholder account created. It’s basically name, email, address, DOB and photo ID, but make suire you check every item off the list. Send it to the email address shown on that page.

Step 3. Wait for Your Shareholder Account Details

Your account is managed on another ‘platform’, but that’s OK… you only go there to check on your shares… and if you want to buy and sell them etc. You’ll receive login details by email… save that info somewhere safe!

Step 4. Tell Everyone You Know About It!

Now you’re active, get busy and get the word out. This is going to be huge so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor just by bringing in other interested people… it’s totally free so you aren’t selling them anything!

Each time you do, you’ll earn credits, which are currently converting to shares at a rate of 20 shares for one credit… so you can build up quite a holding in this company, but I’m not sure how long the bonus will be this generous for.

Obviously it is a very young company so there’s no way to predict how the shares will perform in the long term, but if the company backs a few winners in the next few years, it could be very interesting. Likewise, any winners will result in a shareholder dividend, so one way or another you should get a tangible return on your efforts.

OK, I hope that makes some sort of sense… if not, please just take a few minutes to register below and look it over. There should be additional information available by now and you should see the potential here if you get in early…

The way I see it, it’s zero risk… just a little bit of time to register and tell a few friends and family… and massive potential reward if they start backing a few new crypto winners.

Register at CoinCrowd



Coin Referrals Review

Coin Referrals website is basically a downline builder.

You sign up with them, then enter your Affiliate IDs for a long list of affiliate and referral programs…and then anyone you refer ends up singing up under you in the same programs. You just send traffic to your page and you start building your downline… and earning cash and credits in all the different programs… all on auto.

That’s the theory at least…

The catch is, the appeal here is mostly for people looking for the free/cheap options… so they’re not looking to spend money… so you’re unlikely to make too much in commissions. So the real value is probably those programs that let you earn advertising credits… which you can then use to promote your own Crypto Product.

All that said… if you get someone signed up who does push it… or uses a lot of the services… you could do very well. As an example, the guy who sent it to me will be very glad he did by now!

I’ve signed up to everything, and I’ve tested most of the advertising options for promoting this website… some actually work very well and are very affordable… plus I’ve bookmarked a few of the services to get back and check out properly later.

I’m also sending it out to everyone who grabs our Crypto Wealth Strategies package… and many of those people will do the one-time set up as well, so they can include it in their own distributions.

And because a lot of the programs track referrals several levels deep, the power of multiplication can soon come into play. ie. if you find a few and they find a few, and so on… somewhere in there, there’s sure to be someone who gets particularly active!

So my suggestion is, AFTER you’ve signed up for all our Recommended Programs…

Log back in to Coin Referrals and add all the affiliate links you’ve now got.

Grab the promo materials… your link and a banner or two… and add those to your website or blog, post them on your social media etc.

Keep an eye on it and if you get any interest, go back and sign up for as many of the remaining programs as you can.

Once that’s done, you can pretty much forget about it.

Check back in a month’s time and if you’re building a bit of a balance, you can submit your payment info… or use the credits to promote your own website or products!

Register @ Coin Referrals

Keep in mind, if you grab any of our packages here, they will promote this program automatically, so you might want ot go back and register in the extra programs and save your IDs before you start promoting that.

The Real Crypto Wealth Secret At Play Right Now…

If you’ve looked around this site and crunched the numbers at all, you’ll realise that crypto currencies do offer a very real opportunities for taking a small starting bank and turning it into some serious Altcoin over time.

  • Some of the methods we’ve shown you are more profitable than others.
  • Some are clearly faster than others.
  • Some will carry more risk.

But for my money, there is one way to dramatically increase your returns and to speed up your timeline, all while seriously reducing your risk

And that is by taking advantage of the state of the industry itself.

Because this industry is an affiliate marketers dream!

It is still brand new and all kinds of businesses are trying to cash in on it. Countless vendors madly trying to come up with the next amazing product or service that will take the market by storm…

Some are obviously going to be better quality offerings than others, but to stand a chance they all need exposure… eyeballs on webpages, emails into lists, bums on digital seats…

For any crypto start up it’s like a gold rush… all about getting the word out fast to stake out their territory.

The stakes are high because the potential rewards are staggering.

Any start up that creates it’s own market and ties up marketshare could dominate for many years to come

So most are prepared to pay you incredibly well for your help.

Almost every crypto product or service you encounter these days offers an affiliate program.

And simple laws of supply and demand apply. If everyone has an affiliate program, then your services as an affiliate are in demand… and any organisation that wants your help will need to offer you a better deal than their competition.

  • So they will all pay you well for any new customer you send to them.
  • Many will pay you commission on the customers purchases for life.
  • Many will pay you ongoing commissions on recurring subscription services.
  • Many will also pay you for sending them new affiliates.
  • And more and more are going to pay you even more on multiple levels…

They want you promoting their stuff and they know you’re only going to work for them if they pay you some serious money for your efforts.

So right here and now it’s definitely an affiliates market where you can pick and choose the very best programs to promote.

Which is exactly what we recommend on this website.

Set up your bitcoin and altcoin wealth-creation tools that we’ve outlined, but then get to work and feed those systems with your affiliate earnings…

Any one of these programs could earn you a full bitcoin or two over the next twelve months.

So can you see how quickly this might grow if you  immediately invest those profits into these programs?

The miners making 150% per year? The trading programs making 1% per day? The combo programs doing even better?

If you like the sounds of that, be sure to check out our ActionPlan below.  This is a step-by-step guide to putting all our strategies to work in the shortest possible time…

Bitcoin Bounty Hunters Action Plan

This won’t be for everyone! There is some work required to set it up and you will need to invest a bit of cash as well… but if you are serious about growing some crypto-wealth… fast… I’m confident you won’t find a more effective plan.



Review of CoinXL Autotrading Platform

CoinXL is a passive trading opportunity that is currently working very well for me from a small initial investment. CoinXL relies on their own cryptocurrency trading bots… complex algorithms to detect when a crypto market is going to increase or decrease… allowing the bot to buy low and sell high.

Members purchase a packages as low as 0.05 BTC up to as high as 5 BTC which are then traded on their behalf. Members are then paid a 1% return on their investment each day for a total of 150 days, recouping 150% of their investment.

Members can then reinvest their initial stake and keep their profits, or reinvest the lot in a larger stake.

At time of writing I’m only part way through my first cycle, so there are still a few unanswered questions, but given the low cost of entry and consistent returns I’m seeing, I’m quietly confident I’ll be reinvesting the lot at the first opportunity.

The network is being promoted via an MLM network with a very generous commission structure. So much so, it will almost certainly strike some people as too good to be true, and I’d be one of them, if the trading returns weren’t so consistent.

Of course you should do your own due diligence before making any investment, but I’d encourage you to consider this as a simple, hands-free option to earn bitcoins with a very affordable entry point… you can check it out for yourself below…

Start Creating Your Bitcoin Wealth With CoinXL

As well as daily returns, members can also earn a daily binary bonus ranging from 5% all the way up to 20% of their downline volume. The remuneration plan is a little complex, but suffice to say, it is very generous and the narrow structure… two legs only and forced overflow… means your upline is very likely to assist you in growing it.

With a lot of these type of programs that I looked at, members had to reach a very high threshold before they could cash in their earnings but with CoinXL, there is no minimum so members can withdraw their earnings anytime they like.

Part of the business plan is for CoinXL to release their own digital coin in the future.

Members will have the chance to purchase these coins at a discount price prior to the release, and sell them later once the coin is made available on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

That will have it’s own risks no doubt, but also considerable upside opportunity, so that’s something we’ll we watching out for in coming months.

Of the three programs listed here, CoinXL is the one that set off some alarm bells… especially on the too good to be true gauge! But now that I’ve put it to work and seen it in action, my confidence is growing and I am happy to make a recommendation that you test it carefully for yourself.

So you can tell I’m probably tell I’m pretty excited by the potential here… especially looking forward to the opportunity to purchase the new coin pre-market… but I’m not letting my enthusiasm get in the way of good judgement. But if CoinXL it keeps doing what it’s been doing for me so far, I’ll stick with it indefinitely.

So if this suits your own investment strategy, please click the link below to view the CoinXL presentation and start growing your own passive trading account today!

Start Creating Your Bitcoin Wealth With CoinXL

Review of Trade Coin Club Opportunity

This is a currency trading club where Member purchase the software and then use that suite of trading tools to trade their own funds at whatever level they want, starting with as little as 0.01 BTC. Trading is semi-automated and the Member retain full control over their account funds. You can choose to trade with more than 30 types of Altcoins, creating a well diversified portfolio quickly and easily.

For the MLM side of things, the Trade Coin Club software is the product you’re promoting, so there’s legitimate value being added to the network when you refer new Members… hence the generous compensation package.

It uses a binary matrix which means when an active Member brings in more than two new Members, any more are placed even deeper in the network, creating ‘spillover’ and helping those below them build their own network. I won’t try to explain that here, except to say that it rewards you very well for your efforts in growing the membership base.

As with any investment or business venture, I encourage you to do your own due diligence and proceed accordingly. You can review the program information page below and register to test it out if you like what you see…

Trade Coin Club Website



Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining is one of the largest Bitcoin and scrypt cloud mining providers and has been my preferred option for some time. They offer three Bitcoin cloud mining plans that are very reasonably priced plus a number of other crypto currencies so you can build a diversified portfolio over time.

Their Bitcoin mining system is ideal for those who are still new to mining crypto currencies, and it’s also quite robust for cryptocurrency experts and larger-scale investors. Genesis Mining is the world’s first large scale cloud mining service offering an alternative to those who would like to engage in Bitcoin and altcoin mining.

There are no pool fees, now power or bandwidth fees. You don’t have to pay or wait around for shipping of mining hardware. Yuo don’t need ot learn to use any software.

You simply purchase hashpower… that you keep for a lifetime… and let it go to work for you!

What I particularly like about Genesis is the option you have to create a diversified portfolio of crypo currencies, by adding different altcoin mining contracts to your account.

So as one currency starts to show a reasonable profit, you can reinvest that in a new contract for a different altcoin. This creates additional stability and also positions you for some serious gains if that particular currency starts to move like Bitcoin has over the last couple of years!

Register A Free Genesis Mining Account Here!


AVA Trade Platform Review

This is my main trading platform for all cryptos and forex pairs. It runs on the Metatrader platform, has very competitive spreads (FX equivalent of commissions), great liquidity (so you get your orders filled at the price you want), and I’ve never had a problem depositing or withdrawing funds.

It is a regulated broker, well established, operating in over 150 countries for the last 10 years. They offer fantastic support and training and a variety of trading platforms, including a web-based option for any time you’re away from your desktop.

You can start with as little as $100, though they have some excellent first deposit bonuses that make it worth your while to start with a larger initial bank… which isn’t a bad idea…

Your Starting Account Size

You don’t want to ever risk more than 2% of your account on any single trade… so if you start with $100 and apply strict money management, you’d only ever risk $2 per trade… Which means your wins would be quite restricted as well… maybe $5-$10 for a successful trade.

Realistically though… even with the best of intentions… most people starting small will end up risking a much larger portion of their bank on every trade… 10, 20 even 50%… which becomes a very hard habit to break later on.

You will do much better if you wait to start until you can make a more substantial deposit of at least $500, preferably even more, and then establish good money/risk management practices right from the start!

Perhaps what I like the most about this platform is their regular technical analysis which often identifies opportunities in currencies I don’t usually follow. Also the Autochartist software that’s included in the package is professional quality softweare not usually available to retail traders, and certainly not for free.

They also offer trading on the 5 main crypto-currencies at very competitive rates and margins. While most brokers are offering Bitcoin these days, very few have all these others, and personally I often to find more opportunities on those.

So even if you prefer to shop around, I encourage you to look AVA Trade over, and use what you see as your benchmark of what a good broker should be offering…

Register An Account With AVA Trade