Spectrocoin Review

Spectrocoin is an all-in service provider for bitcoin and altcoin users and investors. In addition to its function as a bitcoin wallet they also offer exchange services, a real plastic bitcoin debit card and a solution for bitcoin business owners to accept payment methods in their daily business activities. Spectrocoin combines technological reliability and a robust infrastructure to offer high quality bitcoin services to its customers.

About Spectrocoin
Spectrocoin, based in England, was founded in 2013. The company is headquartered at the Landsdowne Row in London, a prestigious address and not a virtual office. Since May 2015 they have started issuing bitcoin debit cards.

Although it is not possible to find out the two who can be the actual owners of Spectrocoin via the website, it can be found via LinkedIn that the bitcoin service provider has three owners, all three programmers from Lithuania.

Before Vyautas founded Karalevicus Spectrocoin he had several jobs as a financial analyst in the industry. Justas Dobilauskas is the Chief Technology Officer at the startup company and has more than 6 years experience as a software developer for web design companies. The third owner is Mantas Mockevicius who holds various degrees in international business (Master Business Administration etc.)

Spectrocoin services
Spectrocoin offers all kinds of services for anyone who wants to use bitcoin worldwide. They have a bitcoin e-wallet that can be directly upgraded with bitcoins purchased on their own exchange. The bitcoin debit card makes spending your bitcoins as easy as Euros, Dollar and British Pounds. The company also offers solutions for companies to accept bitcoin as a valid payment method. Besides, Spectrocoin offers an API, eCommerce plugins and the like for webshop and website owners.

The bitcoin debit card can be charged directly with bitcoin, Euros, Dollars, British Pounds or gold, so you do not first have to trade one currency for the other. The Visa plastic debit card can then be used at any ATM worldwide. The pass comes in three variants: USD, EUR and GBP. The plastic card and the virtual card can be used with any website and webshop that accept Visa. Business owners can also accept bitcoin payments and withdraw their monies with the card or transfer to a bank account via a credit card deposit. If you as a company really want to go 2.0, you can order a number of customized (so with company logo and all) Spectrocoin fit for internal and external use.

The Spectrocoin pass, unlike most other bitcoin debit cards, can be sent to almost every country in the world, including India and China and is also available to residents of the United States. Normal sending is free and you have the card within 3 weeks. If you need the card urgently, you can choose the expedited shipping option for an amount of 69 Euro. In this case you will receive the card within 4 to 5 days.

Spectrocoin also has a smartphone app, so you always have your crypto business on. The Spectrocoin wallet is available in Google Play, App Store and in the Windows Store. The service comes with two factor authorization (2FA) to log in. The verification process is well described on the Spectrocoin website. To verify your account completely, you must mail a copy of your passport or ID card to the company. Do not you want this? No problem, you can still use the services and the pass, only with lower limits.

You can charge the Spectrocoin card with a maximum of 10,000 Dollars at a time. Spectroin allows 2 ATM withdrawals per day, with a total amount of 2000 Dollars. There is no limit to spend in shops, restaurants and hotels. If you have fully verified your account, you can even put Paypal money on the card and vice versa. You can also use the card on casino and stock websites as deposit method.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can still use the services of Spectrocoin as mentioned above, however with some limitations. Unverified users can put a maximum of 2500 Dollars on the card, withdraw 200 Dollars at a time, with a maximum of 400 Dollars per day. The withdrawal limit at the ATM is from unverified users at 1000 Dollar. You can, however, spend unlimited amounts in shops, restaurants and hotels with the card.

The spectrocoin plastic bitcoin debit card costs 8 Euro to order and you pay 50 cents per virtual card. A monthly service fee of 1 Dollar per card will be charged. This amount will not be charged if your balance is 0, so there is no inactivity fee. If you put money on your card this is free if it comes from a Spectrocoin account. If not, it is used in the method. Bank deposits are free but credit card deposits are somewhat more expensive, up to 5%. If the card is emptied at a bitcoin address it costs 0.5% with a minimum of 1 Euro. So you can better empty your card at once if you want to do this, instead of doing several smaller transactions.

Recording with the spectrocoin pass is reasonably priced, compared with Neteller for example. Where Neteller asks 4 Euro per withdrawal, spectrocoin asks 2.50 Euro in Europe and 3.50 Euro outside Europe. There is also a 3% exchange rate fee if you want to make the payment in another currency. Always choose the card (Euro, Dollar or British Pound) in which you spend the most.

Spectrocoin offers live bitcoin rates on the website in 26 different currencies and also in pairs like gold / bitcoin and certain altcoins. The price used is acceptable, since it is equal to the price used on bitcoin exchanges (through offers and late prices).

The website and User Interface of Spectrocoin are in the same colors as onlinehandelen.com, namely blue and orange. A sleek design ensures that each user can easily go through the various tables and menu options. Personally, I think the website is very well designed and easy to understand. On my website Spectrocoin offers in my opinion sufficient information about its services but does not explain everything. The FAQ has no search function and the deadline for your verification process is not shown anywhere. You also can not find out 1,2,3 who are the owners of the website, but fortunately I found that above. All in all, this information is not really interesting either, especially in the cryptocurrency world. You can always contact the Hotline and email customer service department,

What I personally find important to note is that if you search through Google on Spectrocoin, you occasionally still encounter a negative experience of a user. You read that the company freezes accounts until identification procedures are run through and the like. If you ask me, it’s quite normal and I can assure you that if you google Neteller or Skrill you get hundreds of negative results. These are all people who have done something that simply can not.

Spectrocoin review conclusion
Spectrocoin offers a wide range of services for bitcoin and altcoin use. The bitcoin debit cards are available worldwide and the costs are lower than most counterparts. The website is clear and the customer service is at your service. Is Spectrocoin scam? No. It is just a method to convert your bitcoin and altcoin earnings into fiat money or vice versa and then to be able to pin this … Exactly what I was looking for and that is why I also have a Spectrocoin pass. I definitely recommend Spectrocoin and give the company in the sector bitcoin debit cards 8.5 / 10.

The reason that I give a 8.5 and is not 10 because you have to pay 1 Euro per virtual card per month, which I personally find something pricey. With other providers this is free. Anyway, if you do not need dozens of numbers to make purchases online (most of us absolutely do not) then this is something that can be overlooked. In short, really a must for the bitcoin and altcoin investor!