Coin Crowd & UCI Review & Explanation

This one is quite new and a little complicated, and I’ve had a few questions, so I thought I’d try to explain it all in big picture terms…

CoinCrowd is a social & business network platform for people involved in crypto currency and totally free to join and use.

It offers the same features, functions and tools that most other social network platforms offer. It is open to anyone… from total beginners to experienced veterans involved in the crypto currency world. It has a lot of value as an information/education platform, plus there’s the business networking and built-in advertising benefits, plus a whole lot of stuff I haven’t had a chance to really explore yet.

Plus you can earn CREDITS for pretty much any activity on the site. Think of it as earning a credit every time you like, share, reply, post, comment etc.. probably not for everyone, but if you’re active on the site you will accrue credits quite quickly.

You can also earn them VERY quickly by referring new members… 100 credits per referral!

And those Credits can be converted to Shares in the Parent Company, United Captial Investments (UCI)

CoinCrowd is owned by UCI, a private equity investment company specialising in crypto and related technologies. Basically they invest shareholders funds into various projects… particularly ICOs… and if the project makes a profit, this is returned to shareholders as dividends.


So the relationship here is quite symbiotic…

CoinCrowd will be used to help promote selected projects that UCI has partnered with… generating profits for their shareholders…

And all CoinCrowd Members are shareholders!

When you sign up for CoinCrowd you are eligible for 1000 UCI Shares. Plus you can convert your Coin Crowd Credits into shares as well. So if you do that, and are active on the CoinCrowd site, you should be able to accrue a decent volume of shares in the next few months!

(You can also buy shares directly… you’ll find details on that after your Shareholder account is created for your free shares from joining CoinCrowd).

Confused yet?

It does get easier, but there are a few steps to work through to get on board, so here it is as simple as I can make it…

Step 1. Register at CoinCrowd

Once in, have a look around if you like, but make sure you got to the Credits Section and make a note of your referral link… you can start sharing that on your social networks immediately… but it will work best if you do it in context and talk about the site and what you’re doing with it. ie. Don’t tell them to join, Invite them to join you…

Step 2. Request Your Free Shares

Go to the UCI.Global Website here and you’ll see the exact information you need to send them to have your shareholder account created. It’s basically name, email, address, DOB and photo ID, but make suire you check every item off the list. Send it to the email address shown on that page.

Step 3. Wait for Your Shareholder Account Details

Your account is managed on another ‘platform’, but that’s OK… you only go there to check on your shares… and if you want to buy and sell them etc. You’ll receive login details by email… save that info somewhere safe!

Step 4. Tell Everyone You Know About It!

Now you’re active, get busy and get the word out. This is going to be huge so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor just by bringing in other interested people… it’s totally free so you aren’t selling them anything!

Each time you do, you’ll earn credits, which are currently converting to shares at a rate of 20 shares for one credit… so you can build up quite a holding in this company, but I’m not sure how long the bonus will be this generous for.

Obviously it is a very young company so there’s no way to predict how the shares will perform in the long term, but if the company backs a few winners in the next few years, it could be very interesting. Likewise, any winners will result in a shareholder dividend, so one way or another you should get a tangible return on your efforts.

OK, I hope that makes some sort of sense… if not, please just take a few minutes to register below and look it over. There should be additional information available by now and you should see the potential here if you get in early…

The way I see it, it’s zero risk… just a little bit of time to register and tell a few friends and family… and massive potential reward if they start backing a few new crypto winners.

Register at CoinCrowd