Coin Referrals Review

Coin Referrals website is basically a downline builder.

You sign up with them, then enter your Affiliate IDs for a long list of affiliate and referral programs…and then anyone you refer ends up singing up under you in the same programs. You just send traffic to your page and you start building your downline… and earning cash and credits in all the different programs… all on auto.

That’s the theory at least…

The catch is, the appeal here is mostly for people looking for the free/cheap options… so they’re not looking to spend money… so you’re unlikely to make too much in commissions. So the real value is probably those programs that let you earn advertising credits… which you can then use to promote your own Crypto Product.

All that said… if you get someone signed up who does push it… or uses a lot of the services… you could do very well. As an example, the guy who sent it to me will be very glad he did by now!

I’ve signed up to everything, and I’ve tested most of the advertising options for promoting this website… some actually work very well and are very affordable… plus I’ve bookmarked a few of the services to get back and check out properly later.

I’m also sending it out to everyone who grabs our Crypto Wealth Strategies package… and many of those people will do the one-time set up as well, so they can include it in their own distributions.

And because a lot of the programs track referrals several levels deep, the power of multiplication can soon come into play. ie. if you find a few and they find a few, and so on… somewhere in there, there’s sure to be someone who gets particularly active!

So my suggestion is, AFTER you’ve signed up for all our Recommended Programs…

Log back in to Coin Referrals and add all the affiliate links you’ve now got.

Grab the promo materials… your link and a banner or two… and add those to your website or blog, post them on your social media etc.

Keep an eye on it and if you get any interest, go back and sign up for as many of the remaining programs as you can.

Once that’s done, you can pretty much forget about it.

Check back in a month’s time and if you’re building a bit of a balance, you can submit your payment info… or use the credits to promote your own website or products!

Register @ Coin Referrals

Keep in mind, if you grab any of our packages here, they will promote this program automatically, so you might want ot go back and register in the extra programs and save your IDs before you start promoting that.