Coin URL Advertising Network and Link Shortener

Coin URL is an advertising network quite similar to the Google Adsense network. You add your website and create Ad Slots… sets of contextual text ads that you can place on your website or blog pages. Any time a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid… in BitCoins.

There are a few of these networks now, but this is my favourite due to it’s payment rates and reliability. It also has a very useful URL Shortener built in. You can link to that as well from your site and earn commissions if any of those visitors sign up as advertisers or publishers.

Setting Up Your CoinURL Account & Creating Ads

Set up is quite straight forward. Just register below, add your website or blog URL, then create an ad slot for a couple of locations on your pages. I usually place one 250px x 250px in the footer of my WordPress sites, and a 300px x 250px block in the sidebar.

Like Adsense, these ad blocks won’t generate a lot of revenue unless you have a lot of traffic. Personally I’d prefer the payments from my display ads, but the fact remains these can get some regular clicks, and some advertisers do pay very well.

So it’s worth monitoring these carefully. Once you see which content you have that generates the best CPC payment, you can write more on that subject. Then place an additional ad block within that content for maximum returns. Just make sure you comply with the network’s rules regarding number of ads on any one page!

Create Your CoinURL Account