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We’ve added some Recommended Resources to the left…

If you need a domain name or hosting, I recommend BlueHost. That can take 24-48 hours to be activated, so I’d suggest you organise that next.

If you don’t have a good password manager, I recommend RoboForm, especially before you start setting up all your affiliate accounts. These will be handling your money and should all use secure and unique passwords.

If you use Roboform it will remember all your login details… PLUS you can generate a strong and unique Password for each site, PLUS you can set up an Identity for this project, and fill all the forms with a single click.

That is a huge time-saver and worth the few minutes it will take to download & install RoboForm.

If you are short on computer storage space for your downloads, I recommend you check out PCloud. It sets up as another drive on your computer, but backs up your files to the cloud…so you can just drag-and-drop any important files & folders there, and work with them as is they were stored locally.

Very convenient as you can also share a folder across all your devices.

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If you want to discuss any of this, or you have feedback or suggestions… please get in touch. You can use the contact form on this website, or else you’ll find we are active on CoinCrowd.

If you haven’t seen CoinCrowd yet, it’s a brand new social & business networking platform specifically for people who are into Crypto Currencies. It’s open to rookie and expert alike, and there’s a lot of very experienced and knowledgable people there who are always happy to share their expertise.

Well worth signing up and getting involved…

Check Out CoinCrowd here