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If the commentators and would-be gurus are even remotely right, then anyone owning a bitcoin in a few years time is going to be very happy with their investment… even if they got in a bit late.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve heard all the numbers and we expect the trend to continue… and we want a piece of it.

What we’re seeing is just the beginning. Despite the rapid price increase we’ve already see, Bitcoin is only just getting started. Some are even saying to expect a price of $100,000 per bitcoin in a few short years…

So with the price currently under $3000 it would  make a lot of sense work on buying a couple as quickly as possible… no doubt that’s what you were investigating when you found this site.

So let me ask you… why stop there?

Why not aim for 10? Or 20? Or 100 even?

Well that last one is my personal goal.

I’m going to grow my investment to 100 Btc in the next two years.

Few people will have the ready cash to just go out and buy them though. I sure don’t.

And even with the ready cash, few people would risk so much of it on something so new.

The price is still quite volatile and quite a few analysts are expecting some sort of correction before it resumes it’s upward run. Plus there’s always the chance that some new technology could turn up that’s even better…

So my long-term approach is actually quite conservative and risk-averse.

Start small with minimal risk and set up a diversified mix of investments to grow that investment over time.

Work with tools and programs whose payouts are in Bitcoin and other Crypo Currencies… so profits can be reinvested to compound my returns.

Is 100 Bitcoin A Realistic Goal Though?

Absolutely… In fact I’ve created this entire website to show you how I’m doing it… and how you can do it too!

Safe to say though, that none of us have a lazy 300K to go out and just buy coins, so we need to work a whole lot smarter. That’s what our Progressive Investment Plan is all about…

What if you could start with a minimal bank and set up a dozen different investments that would grow to be worth 2-3 bitcoins each over the next twelve months?

Would you be prepared to reinvest those 30-odd coins for another 12 months, if it meant you could turn them into your hundred?

If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, that’s good!

This is an industry rife with wild expectations and outright scams, so it’s good that you have your guard up. But I also encourage you to keep an open mind…

This industry is experiencing rapid expansion. New businesses and investment options are emerging every day, and all of them are desperate for customer and investors… and are prepared to pay top premiums to get both…

It’s also an industry of evangelists… the early adopters in any new industry are as much about the technology as they are profit. They might be hoping  to make a profit from their venture, but many are also determined to change the world view on crypo currencies…

And it’s an industry that is free of the strictures of traditional banking and can pay anyone, anywhere instantly… so daily and even hourly payouts are common as you’ll see in the programs we recommend below. And when you reinvest small amounts on that sort of time frame, the compounding effect can be incredible.

All of that makes these impossibly high returns quite feasible.

Obviously with any investment, a high return is usually a pretty good indicator of high risk as well, and crypto-currencies are no exception. So pelase don’t jsut blindly follow my suggestions… do your own due diligence based on your current situation, your available funds and your own risk profile.

We do manage that risk however with a very diversified approach… using a portfolio of carefully screened investment options, each a little bit unique… so if one fails, it won’t have a major impact on our overall strategy.

We also recommend starting small, building your bank in a couple of the more conservative (safe) options, before reinvesting in the more aggressive growth options later on.

And it should go without saying, never invest a single dollar that you can’t afford to lose!

Planning Your Own Investment Strategy

Just before we dive in, it’s worth taking a minute to assess your own situation and expectations so you can set your own goal. How much Bitcoin you want to accumulate and when you want it by?

You also need cashflow to live on, and if we’re honest about it, none of us want to wait until we reach our final goal before we enjoy at least some of the fruits of our labours… so when do you want to start drawing some money out, and how much do you want?

So depending on your current situation and how much cash you have to start with, you can look ahead one year two.

If you’ve got a couple of thousand, you can look at where you want to be in twelve months time?

If you’ve only got a few hundred to get you started, you might do better to make it a long term plan like I did.. for two years from today!

The main thing is to be specific and dream big!

If your goal seems achievable now, it’s not big enough.

If you know how you’re going ot do it before you start, it’s not big enough.

If it doesn’t scare you a bit and make you doubt that it’s remotely possible… it’s not big enough!

These kind of goals work when they shake you to the core and knock your sub-conscious for six. Far too many people set easy goals that don’t motivate or excite them on any level. So they either end up wit a boring to-do lsit that gets them nowhere they wouldn’t have gotten anyway… or else they lose interest and forget about it entirely.

So make sure you set a goal here that truly excites and exhilarates.

Write it down as if you’ve already achieved it and read it out loud a few times… try to imagine how it’s going to feel once you achieve it… and make sure it puts a massive smile on your face.

If not, go back and try again until it’s totally real and inspiring!

Once you’ve got that, continue on and start reading up on the tools you can use to make that goal a reality. (And if you’re really serious, keep on reading your goal every single day, first thing when you wake up, last thing before you go to sleep. Trust me… it works!)

No Available Funds To Start With?

When I started this, my plan was to create a program where someone could actually start with Zero Upfront Investment. I actually ran some tests and proved it could be done… using free tools to build a small stake, moving that into some better programs to get it to a level where you could invest in the more aggressive growth options.

It works, but it is slow! And the work involved is time consuming. And much of it is mind-numbing!

But it is an option if you really don’t have anything to spare right now. If that’s the case, you can grab our free Bitcoin On A Budget action plan below.

Download Bitcoin On A Budget

Using that you can start quite literally with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection and start earning Bitcoin immediately.

If at all possible though, see if you can round up $20 or so to save you the slow start, and then parley that into $50-$100, which is realistically the bare minimum you’ll need to make a start with the more aggressive growth options below.


Our Investment Portfolio

There are currently four main ways people are making money consistently with Bitcoin.  We’ll look at each of them below and share my recommendations for each. No doubt there are plenty of other options out there and you can choose to go looking if you must… but these are the ones I’ve had the best results with, and I tested plenty of the others!

I do refer to Bitcoin throughout but a lot of what we talk about can be applied to any of the established Crypto-Currencies, and some options do specifically worth with other currencies. In setting up a diversified Crypto-Currency Portfolio, you should consider making sure some of your holdings are in these other currencies… in particular Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Dogecoin could all be useful additions.

Multi-Level Investment Programs

If you have limited funds to get started, your best option is to start with one of these and reinvest your profits once you’re up and running. They offer a mix of products and services, and pay you very well for helping to spread the word.

I’ve looked at dozens of these over the last twelve months and the 3 are the ones that offer the best quality products, a generous compensation plan and great support to get you started.

Multi-Level Investment Programs


Crypto Currency Mining

In simple terms, about the only mining operation I’d recommend as an investment is Cloud Mining… where someone else supplied the hardware, software, bandwidth and electricity… and you collect the profits.

You do pay upfront to use the services and returns are not guaranteed, so there is a degree of risk, but the three services we list here are currently delivering some very consistent hands-free returns.

Crypto Currency Mining


Currency Trading

This is not for everyone… there is a major learning curve and very real risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. But it’s also a leveraged option… so the rewards can be significant… if you take the time to master it.

Long term, I don’t think there’s a better skill worth mastering though… learn to trade and you can quite literally make money any time you need it. So maybe look this over once you have some of the other revenue streams in place. As for trading exchange, I highly recommend Binance which is one the largest in the world.

Currency Trading


Promoting Crypto Products & Services

This industry is an affiliate marketers dream! Vendors everywhere are desperate for visitor traffic to their websites. So right now they are paying a top dollar for every customer you send them. And with all the upside potential in this industry, you can guarantee the competition is only going to increase, so the payments will continue for a long time to come.

This next page will show you exactly how you can cash in on this and start your own Crypto-Affiliate Business faster than you ever though possible… even if you’ve never done anything like it before!

Promoting Crypto Products & Services

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