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No-Cash Options To Get Started

When I first wrote this, I hadn’t really found any ‘free’ options that were worth the effort… you can still read my original post below…  but I’m now adding Coin Referrals’ as the best option to get started, no money down.

I still think you’d do better to wait and save up a few dollars instead, but if you have a bit of time on your hands, check it out my review below and see if it suits your situation…

Coin Referrals Review & Registration

The original post…

To get the ball rolling, we’re going to show you a couple of quick and easy ways to start earning Bitcoin IMMEDIATELY. These are totally free and only require a bit of time, but the unavoidable truth is, the returns are terrible.

In fact, the returns are so low most people shouldn’t even consider them!

If you can find a few dollars to get started… even if it means saving up for a month or two… you’ll probably find that is faster than chasing free coins. Once you’ve got about $20-$50 aside, check out our low-cost suggestions and work on building that up to $100-$200 so you can get started on the more aggressive investment programs.

If you’re looking for a better way to build a bank to fund your long-term bitcoin investment strategy, there is one option that is significantly faster and much more interesting. Check out our Bitcoin Bank Builder here.

You’ll Be Working For Satoshis

Before you start, it’s important to understand that any free bitcoin program is going to deal in Satoshis. This is a tiny portion of a bitcoin.  ie. 1 Satoshi =0.00000001 ฿

So while some of the numbers you’ll see might look impressive… 1000, 3000, 15000 etc … you are talking very small amounts of money.

To keep in perspective, keep in mind that 1 million Satoshi is currently worth 0.01 Btc… about US$25 at time of writing.

And forget about that as an hourly rate… most people will be doing well if they can make that in a month!

The good news is, you can get started on the low cast options (the next step)  with about 0.002Btc … or 200,000 Satoshi… so that becomes a little more achievable…

So long as you realise you will be working for very small returns.

If you don’t have anything else to do right now, that’s fine, but if you have ANY other option to earn some funds to invest you are probably going to be better off doing that!

The good news is, you can get started on our Low Cost options as soon as you’ve got 0.002 Btc… about $5 . So if it suits your situation you can work on getting that together, launch a low cost miner, and then keep on working the free options to get another 0.002 Btc aside and repeat the process. It won’t be fast but it will get you there eventually.

Bitcoin Miner App

This is a free download that will let you run Bitcoin Mining software on your PC, earning you coin anytime you’re not using your machine. Be warned, it is not particularly powerful or fast, but it runs in the background, quietly building a bank so you can start on the main programs ASAP.

If you decide to run this software, do be sure to read the section on Bitcoin Mining and make sure your returns are covering your power costs! I’ve tested this on a couple of computers and it definitely produces coin, but it does do it very slowly.

Running it on my laptop during the day when I’m working on my desktop, and on both overnight while I sleep… it averaged about 1500-2000 Satoshi per day.

It’s not a high powered miner so power usage seems quite minimal… I didn’t notice any change in my power bills over the time I was running this…  but I do have the computers running around the clock anyway for monitoring my forex trading.

So if you don’t normally run your computer all day long, you could see an increase in your power bill, so you’ll need to assess that for yourself!

Free Bitcoin Miner App

Other Bitcoin Apps

If you go looking, you’ll find a number of these mining apps, even some you can run on your phone. I’ve only tested the one above, but if you decide to experiment you might find it works to run multiple apps at once? Just keep an eye on your power usage and your bandwidth!

You’ll also find plenty of game style apps that reward you with Satoshi  for playing / loggin in. These are ad supported, so I find them pretty slow and painful, but check them out if this is your thing.

More Bitcoin Apps

Bitcoin Faucets

These are fairly common as a tool for generating interest in Bitcoin and to get you to revisit websites… and hopefully click on a few ads over time. We’ve got one of our own here, so if you have a wallet address you can click here to earn some free bitcoin immediately!

Most bitcoin faucets will limit how often you can click to limit the total you can make in any one day… from every 5 minutes to once a day. Payouts also vary accordingly, so generally you can choose to visit one-a-day sites for a larger payout, or click all day long to make a little more from a 5 minute site.

Most sites do make it a little more interesting with ‘bonus’ rewards and referral links, but it is still slow going to accumulate anything at all substantial.

Most ‘Faucets’ deliver varying amounts each time you click… and some of them include some more substantial amounts at random intervals. So while the standard payouts are quite small, whenever you pick up a few larger payouts it can move things along a lot faster… relatively speaking. (Remember 1 million Satoshi for $25!)

Sharing the referral links can earn you additional Satoshi, and some sites will increase your payouts as you send more users. So if you have a website or blog, you should definitely add a link or two.

It could also be worth sharing links regularly on your social media as well if your connections might be interested… don’t do it cold though… generate a bit of interest by writing about what you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve and you’ll probably find a few that are very interested in doing the same thing!

Keep in mind most sites will require you to earn a minimum amount before they transfer the Bitcoin to your wallet… so you’ll need to see it through or your efforts will be wasted. So maybe try a short ‘session’ and decide if you will in fact stick at it long enough to generate a payout before you spend too much time on this.

If you’ve decided this is your preferred option to get started, then combining a selection of good paying faucets with some other free strategies will add up in time.

Once you start you’ll encounter ads/links to Bots to work dozens/hundreds of these Faucets for you automatically.

Be warned that any faucet that detects that you’re using a bot will close your account and you’ll forfeit any earnings…

And most are pretty good at detecting bots, so do it right, or don’t bother!

If you’re interested, here are a few Faucets and Faucet Lists to get you started. They vary in performance and reliability, so check the ratings and choose the best options at any given time. There’s no sign up for any of these, so just add your chosen wallet ID and start earning.

Recommended Bitcoin Faucets

Bonus Bitcoins is good example of what you are looking for here… a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes. This is our our Bitcoin Faucet, so if you’re finding this site useful, please take a moment to share the link… we do reward you well for it!

The rest are top lists, so you can pick and choose the faucets that are currently paying well and have a timer that suits your situation.

Cryptoworld Faucet List

Best Bitcoin Faucet List

iFaucet Top Faucet List


Automated Faucet Coin…

You don’t need to be claiming from the Faucet to refer users, so here’s a hands-free option I set up that might interest you…

First I tried out a fair number of different faucets, and grabbed a referral link for those that had a reasonable payout and a good referral bonus.

I then made a long list of referral links using a wallet key I set up just for this purpose.

I then added the links as individual recurring tweets to TwitTimer.

So now one new link posts to my Twitter account every 4-5 hours.

It’s been running totally hands-free for a couple of months now and I’m starting to see some small payments coming through as I reach the payout threshold on a few of the faucets.

It’s not huge by any stretch but it’s totally hands-free!

And if I happen to refer a few people who get particularly active, it could start to add up really fast.

So I’m happy to forget about it and just let it run!


Paid To Surf Networks

These work like the traditional traffic exchanges… you view a series of websites for a minimum number of seconds, then click the link to go to the next site. For each site you visit you earn credits that can be converted to Satoshis.

Again the payouts are tiny, so I can’t recommend you do it as a means of earning an income… but combined with a few other free options it can help you get some coin into your wallet a little bit faster… or to promote your own referral links for other programs.

BTC Clicks

Multiple earning options, generous referral program, one of the few of these sites worth the effort.

Earn Free Bitcoins

Simple PTC site. Useful to run in conjunction with other free options. Make sure you grab your referral link and share that around as well.

Other Bitcoin Earning Sites

Here’s a big list of other sites you can use to earn free coin. Most have a detailed review or explanation, so we won’t double up here… check them out and put together your own ‘portfolio’ or tasks you can do to build your bank as quickly as possible.

Just remember these are all incredibly small payouts and NOT a good return for your time.

Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate Referrals

One option that can work is to use your credits to promote a page with links to one or more of your referral programs. You surf for credits, use those credits to get other people to see and click your links… and you either get paid if they buy, or get additional credits if they sign up.

Generally the people doing the surfing are like you… looking to earn not spend! … so it’s not easy, but if you have some good offers and can make a page that catches the surfer’s attention and gets the click, it’s quite possible you could get some good results.

If this is appealing to you, you might want to check out our Bitcoin Bank Builder here. There’s a lot of affiliate programs included there that you could create splash pages for and promote this way.

Next Step: Turning Satoshi Into Bitcoin!

However you go about it, your goal should be to get enough Satoshi together to be able to put them to work in ways that are more effective. We cover a couple of these in the next section, so check it out now, so you know what you’re aiming for.

Low Cost Bitcoins