Investment Programs

Once you start looking you’re going to find a lot of people offering to take your Bitcoin and grow it for you in all kinds of ways.

Many will clearly fall into the too good to be true category, and you’ll easily spot those and avoid them.

Others will be much less obvious in their deception, so you do need to be vigilant. It’s worth taking some time to explore these options though, because there are some legitimate and lucrative investment opportunities in this area if you look hard enough.

Basically these opportunities mostly involve either trading or mining crypto-currencies, with a referral marketing system built-in for added/optional revenue.

This is quite legit… the operators have want to attract additional users or funds and they’ll pay you well for your assistance. The three programs below take it a step further, offering you a generous multi-level compensation plan when you help them find new investors or pool members…

So if you’re looking to ramp up your both the speed and volume of your returns, this is a simple option to leverage your cash investment with a modest time investment, just by helping to spread the word.

A Quick Word On MLM Programs

Now some people have a problem with all multi-level marketing programs on principle and nothing I can say will ever change their minds. So I’m not going to try… you can just skip this section if that’s the case.

Personally though, I believe there’s a big difference between a program offering a legitimate service and those just focused on signing up members ad nauseum…

If I’m being paid for promoting a service I genuinely find useful, and believe my friends and family would appreciate knowing about, I’ll keep an open mind. As long as it checks all my due-diligence boxes, I’ll test it out… and if it delivers as promised I’ll happily tell the world about it!

Well the three programs below check all my boxes and have already proven themselves to me.

I’ve looked at dozens by now and signed up for another 4-5 that simply didn’t deliver on their promises, so these are the ‘winners’ that I’m now focusing all my efforts on.

They are each quite different in their approach and methodology… and compensation plans… so I believe the three of them also provide a degree of diversification which is always useful in any investment or business strategy.

Obviously, I’ll encourage you to consider each and ideally make a start in all three, even if it means entering at the lowest level. As you start to earn your bonuses you can reinvest and level up, and of course if you can bring in a few referrals that will move things along even faster.

If you do decide to go all-in with this though, I do encourage you to consider our Integrated Approach to maximize your returns. This will guide you through the set up quickly and easily, and then streamline and automate the promotion process, to get you the best possible results in the shortest possible time. Check it out here.

Our Recommended Investment Networks:


This one is brand new and a lot of the information is still being released… but so far every new update just makes it sound even better. Here’s the short version…

Coin Crowd  a social and business networking platform for Crypto Enthusiasts. At first glance it is a mix of Facebook and LinkedIn, with a Crypto Flavour. There’s a lot of very experienced and knowledgeable people gathered already and it’s clear they’re more than happy to share their expertise.

So it is worth getting involved for that alone. When you dig a little deeper though, you’ll soon discover there are also some very enticing financial incentives!

It has a very generous referral program built in, plus when you sign up you also get 1000 free shares in the parent company… plus you can earn more for helping spread the word.

The company itself invests in new businesses in the crypto / technology sector. As a shareholder you’ll benefit from that plus later on you’ll be able to take part in selected ICOs. This one has enormous potential and you are definitely getting in on the ground floor… if you ACT NOW!

Your first step is to register at Coin Crowd using the link below.  After that, you’ll need to go to the next link, and send the requested information to the email address shown. The shares are allocated manually at this stage, so  make sure you provide all the required info and the ID document to avoid delays.

Register @ CoinCrowdRequest Your Free Shares

Trade Coin Club

This is a currency trading club where Members trade their own funds… in a mix of crypto-currencies…  using the TCC trading software. It uses a proprietary algorithmic trading software to make thousands of micro-trades every hour, seeking consistent wins on the smallest of price fluctuations. This one is the ideal entry level option with a low entry point and the potential to get you into profit very quickly.

Visit Trade Coin Club | Read My Review


Coin XL AutoTrading Platform

This is another auto-trader platform , but this one operates a little differently. It runs on a fixed length cycle, earning participants 1% per day on their investment… so at the end of the cycle you’ll make 150% on your initial stake. You can then take your profit out and reinvest your seed money again… or reinvest the lot in a larger package.

Visit Coin XL | Read My Review

Other Altcoin Investment Programs Of Interest

While these three programs above are my main focus, from time to time I do come across other programs that clearly have merit, so I’ll post anything of interest below.

In particular I’m always looking for ways to accelerate my holdings in other crypto-currencies. There is incredible potential for explosive growth when one of these takes off, so keep an eye on this page and I’ll let you know if there’s any new programs that might help us get on board for the ride!

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