The Real Crypto Wealth Secret At Play Right Now…

If you’ve looked around this site and crunched the numbers at all, you’ll realise that crypto currencies do offer a very real opportunities for taking a small starting bank and turning it into some serious Altcoin over time.

  • Some of the methods we’ve shown you are more profitable than others.
  • Some are clearly faster than others.
  • Some will carry more risk.

But for my money, there is one way to dramatically increase your returns and to speed up your timeline, all while seriously reducing your risk

And that is by taking advantage of the state of the industry itself.

Because this industry is an affiliate marketers dream!

It is still brand new and all kinds of businesses are trying to cash in on it. Countless vendors madly trying to come up with the next amazing product or service that will take the market by storm…

Some are obviously going to be better quality offerings than others, but to stand a chance they all need exposure… eyeballs on webpages, emails into lists, bums on digital seats…

For any crypto start up it’s like a gold rush… all about getting the word out fast to stake out their territory.

The stakes are high because the potential rewards are staggering.

Any start up that creates it’s own market and ties up marketshare could dominate for many years to come

So most are prepared to pay you incredibly well for your help.

Almost every crypto product or service you encounter these days offers an affiliate program.

And simple laws of supply and demand apply. If everyone has an affiliate program, then your services as an affiliate are in demand… and any organisation that wants your help will need to offer you a better deal than their competition.

  • So they will all pay you well for any new customer you send to them.
  • Many will pay you commission on the customers purchases for life.
  • Many will pay you ongoing commissions on recurring subscription services.
  • Many will also pay you for sending them new affiliates.
  • And more and more are going to pay you even more on multiple levels…

They want you promoting their stuff and they know you’re only going to work for them if they pay you some serious money for your efforts.

So right here and now it’s definitely an affiliates market where you can pick and choose the very best programs to promote.

Which is exactly what we recommend on this website.

Set up your bitcoin and altcoin wealth-creation tools that we’ve outlined, but then get to work and feed those systems with your affiliate earnings…

Any one of these programs could earn you a full bitcoin or two over the next twelve months.

So can you see how quickly this might grow if you  immediately invest those profits into these programs?

The miners making 150% per year? The trading programs making 1% per day? The combo programs doing even better?

If you like the sounds of that, be sure to check out our ActionPlan below.  This is a step-by-step guide to putting all our strategies to work in the shortest possible time…

Bitcoin Bounty Hunters Action Plan

This won’t be for everyone! There is some work required to set it up and you will need to invest a bit of cash as well… but if you are serious about growing some crypto-wealth… fast… I’m confident you won’t find a more effective plan.