Review of CoinXL Autotrading Platform

CoinXL is a passive trading opportunity that is currently working very well for me from a small initial investment. CoinXL relies on their own cryptocurrency trading bots… complex algorithms to detect when a crypto market is going to increase or decrease… allowing the bot to buy low and sell high.

Members purchase a packages as low as 0.05 BTC up to as high as 5 BTC which are then traded on their behalf. Members are then paid a 1% return on their investment each day for a total of 150 days, recouping 150% of their investment.

Members can then reinvest their initial stake and keep their profits, or reinvest the lot in a larger stake.

At time of writing I’m only part way through my first cycle, so there are still a few unanswered questions, but given the low cost of entry and consistent returns I’m seeing, I’m quietly confident I’ll be reinvesting the lot at the first opportunity.

The network is being promoted via an MLM network with a very generous commission structure. So much so, it will almost certainly strike some people as too good to be true, and I’d be one of them, if the trading returns weren’t so consistent.

Of course you should do your own due diligence before making any investment, but I’d encourage you to consider this as a simple, hands-free option to earn bitcoins with a very affordable entry point… you can check it out for yourself below…

Start Creating Your Bitcoin Wealth With CoinXL

As well as daily returns, members can also earn a daily binary bonus ranging from 5% all the way up to 20% of their downline volume. The remuneration plan is a little complex, but suffice to say, it is very generous and the narrow structure… two legs only and forced overflow… means your upline is very likely to assist you in growing it.

With a lot of these type of programs that I looked at, members had to reach a very high threshold before they could cash in their earnings but with CoinXL, there is no minimum so members can withdraw their earnings anytime they like.

Part of the business plan is for CoinXL to release their own digital coin in the future.

Members will have the chance to purchase these coins at a discount price prior to the release, and sell them later once the coin is made available on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

That will have it’s own risks no doubt, but also considerable upside opportunity, so that’s something we’ll we watching out for in coming months.

Of the three programs listed here, CoinXL is the one that set off some alarm bells… especially on the too good to be true gauge! But now that I’ve put it to work and seen it in action, my confidence is growing and I am happy to make a recommendation that you test it carefully for yourself.

So you can tell I’m probably tell I’m pretty excited by the potential here… especially looking forward to the opportunity to purchase the new coin pre-market… but I’m not letting my enthusiasm get in the way of good judgement. But if CoinXL it keeps doing what it’s been doing for me so far, I’ll stick with it indefinitely.

So if this suits your own investment strategy, please click the link below to view the CoinXL presentation and start growing your own passive trading account today!

Start Creating Your Bitcoin Wealth With CoinXL