Trezor Bitcoin Safe – Hardware Wallet

Once you start to accumulate some Bitcoins, you will need to consider purchasing a hardware wallet. This is a device to store your Bitcoins that is not connected to the internet, so it’s not vulnerable to hacking and theft. The general idea is to use a web-based, desktop or mobile wallet for your day to day use, but keep the bulk of your bitcoin safely out of reach, offline.

The Trezor storage device does just that. It plugs in as a USB device when you need to access your bitcoins and has multiple additional security measures built in for when you’re connected, and even has measures to protect you from a physical attack or if your computer is compromised.

As well as the security risks of connected wallets, there is also a very real risk of users losing their private key data. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do after the fact. The Trezor however prompts the user to create a seed upon initiation of the device, and this seed can be used to recover your Bitcoin in the event the Trezor is ever lost or stolen.

So as your digital coin reserves start to grow, you should have something in place to protect them from the start. If you tell yourself you’re going to wait until you have a decent quantity worth protecting this way, you’re inviting disaster to strike… and it probably will, just when you were about to get around to it…

So check out the link below… it will take you to an information page on Amazon where you can order your Trezor wallet for immediately delivery…

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