HashFlare Bitcoin Mining

HashFlare was founded by Sergei Potapenko on 2013 and is based in Talin, Estonia. It offers a number of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining packages, suing a number of different mining systems. They maintain their own datacenters to support their various mining options.

Of all the miners I’ve tried, this one is the most effective. It isn’t the cheapest I’ve seen by any means, but they are up front about their costs, and in this business I’m happy to pay a little more for consistent returns.

For Bitcoin miners, the big decision will be to decideĀ  whether to choose their SHA-256 or Scrypt package. You’ll find plenty of strong opinions on this one if you want to go looking, but personally I expect the Scrypt option to improve in performance while the SHA-256 miners are going to find it harder and harder as time goes on.

They also offer mining packages for Ethereum, ZCash and Dash. I haven’t tried those jsut yet, but I’ll be looking to reinvest some profits there shortly.

Hashflare has had it’s share of bad reviews in the past, but a lot of them can be easily explained…

The members involved used a Bitcoin wallet that deducts feeds from the transferred amount, so Hashflare didn’t receive the full amount required…

So the Members account wasn’t activated, mining didn’t start and they thought they’d fallen victim to a scam…

And if the company didn’t respond instantly it seems lot of those people would go write a bad review while they waited!

Lesson to take away from this…

Make sure your wallet ALWAYS adds fees on top of the amount you designate so that the people you’re paying ALWAYS get the full intended amount.

Most will give you a warning about this, so the other tip is to look for and read any alerts or warnings.

Beyond that, all the recent reviews I found were quite positive, or far too vague to be of much use. For me the system is easy to use, the performance is quite efficient and reliable, support is timely and withdraws are processed quickly… which is all I ask for!

As with any mining operation, you do need to monitor results and know your overheads and returns, so you can make an informed decision when it’s no longer profitable. I personally feel that point is still away off but you need to monitor that for yourself.

Again, this is why some of the newer currencies are worth looking at. As Bitcoin becomes harder and harder to mine profitably, the newer currencies could offer up much better opportunities if you shop around.

For now though, if you’re looking to test the mining waters for yourself, HashFlare is a great place to start. Check it out below…

HashFlare Crypto Mining Packages